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Before you give me the "yeah, right" eye roll, hear me out. 

Nobody--including me--starts out comfortable in front of the camera. If I'm keeping it real, I still get jitters with the first few clicks of the shutter......every.single.time. That feeling is completely normal! It's exactly why I take the first few minutes of your engagement session to warm up and shake out the nerves.

(I might literally shake it out and give you a good laugh if I need to! #whateverittakes)

I'll use what I've learned over the years to help you relax, pose you in natural ways that are super flattering, and lead you to forget about the camera, so we can capture the true joy you feel for one another. 


What if you could feel confident AND comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day?

Hey there, I'm Leigh! Most days you can find me at my little farmhouse just outside of town, rocking on the porch next to my husband, watching our two giggly little girls chase our pup around the yard. 
Ten years ago I quit my "real job" to pursue my real passion. It's been the most rewarding season of my life. I still get butterflies before every wedding. I still get that "my cheeks hurt so bad from smiling" feeling when I deliver a bride and groom's album to them. Even on the long, hot, summer days, my feet ache but my heart is FULL. 

Recently my daughter asked me, "Mom, why do you have to go to work?" (said with all the sass that 4 yr olds have--trust me, it mirrors a 14 yr old) I took a second to try & explain the magnitude of my job to her. I said "Babe, I have to go to work because mommy's job is sooooooooo important. You wanna know why? Because I get to give people joy. I get to give them memories and happiness for their WHOLE LIFE. Isn't that the coolest job in the whole world?"

I think so!


"I already have all the things I need to live a beautiful life. Those things are my people."  -Emily Ley

a few of
my favorite things

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I have an insatiable love for biscuits and Diet Coke. Should I be embarrassed that CFA workers know me by name??? Nah...



I love sweatin' at the gym almost as much as carbs. Something about working out so hard my legs buckle makes me feel accomplished. 
I KNOW, I'm an oxymoron. Pass the jelly, please!



 Every single week I cry my eyes out and still can't stop watching. Anyone else completely stopped using a crockpot after watching this show?!?!  

this is us


I love hopping on a plane, submerging myself in a new culture, & finding adventure on the way.
You too? Turn your engagement session into an adventure session & let's travel together!



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