I'm all about cultivating strong, personal connections with each of my brides and creating an unforgettable EXPERIENCE every step of the way. I'll guide you through outfit choices for your engagement session, schedules & timelines on the wedding day, what to look for in your getting ready space, and all the other nitty, gritty details to make your wedding experience easy like Sunday morning. 

More importantly, because I've been by your side for months, 
I know your relationships, your quirks, your values and traditions, all of the things that make you unique. That connection, my dear, is the secret sauce to getting genuine, thoughtful, and authentic imagery on your wedding day.

When you can trust that I've got your back no matter what and that I'll make sure you look & feel gorgeous in all of your photos, it frees you up to stop thinking & be present in the moment! 

You've heard way too many horror stories about photographers not showing up, friends not getting their images for months and months, or a friend of a friend hiring a newbie and having better photos from Uncle Bob's iPhone than from the person they hired. You never want anything like that happening to you.

But, after spending countless hours on pinterest and instagram to find someone whose style + personality you could connect with, your search has left you feeling completely overwhelmed. Overly edited filters and super serious posing is not your style, but it's what you see everywhere right now. You just want someone who will cherish your wedding as if it's their own and give you photos that show all the JOY of the day. Is that too much to ask? 

you only get one shot at your dream wedding and you want it to be perfect.

oh sweet friend,
it doesn't have to be that way.

your experience can and should be fun!

Shortly after your wedding we'll meet back up & relive your wedding day through imagery! We'll pop champagne, probably shed a few tears, and choose meaningful artwork to display your precious memories. 

The fun isn't over

First, we'll meet in person or via video chat to share stories, go over THE LWP WEDDING EXPERIENCE, and really just get to know one another. If it feels like the perfect fit, we will make it official and start planning your engagement session!

let's connect

After getting you comfortable in front of the camera at your engagement session, the big day arrives! It will go by in the blink of an eye, but I'll document all the grand moments, small details, and in between moments that make your day unique.

the big day




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