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Here you will find some of the latest and greatest weddings I've shot with some seriously cool clients. I'll also be sharing useful tips & tricks I've figured out over the years in the wedding industry. Come join me! 

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Matt & Averi’s Intimate Garden Wedding | Tryphena’s Garden, Fort Valley, Georgia

If I could think of one word to describe Matt and Averi’s love story, it would be ‘blessed’. After dating in college, Matt and Averi decided to go separate ways in search of personal growth. It was during this time that Averi became very involved in her church. One day Matt messaged Averi, hoping they […]

outdoor wedding bridal party_Photos by Leigh Wolfe, Atlanta's Top Wedding Photographer


Gray & Erika’s Formal Southern Affair | Macon, Georgia

The best memories come from small moments. Ones that may seem fleeting, but are all part of a larger, beautiful story. Gray and Erika’s first small moment took place at a cookout. Both college students just trying to hang out and take advantage of a free meal. Erika recalls their encounter with her asking lots […]

Photos by Leigh Wolfe, Atlanta's Top Wedding Photographer

Chris & Maria’s Ashton Gardens Wedding | Atlanta, Georgia

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Chris and Maria could sell their love story to a Hollywood producer and we would all have our new favorite Romcom. These two were literally brought together by their pups. Apparently Chris’ dog knew Maria was a catch, because he chased her down outside of their apartment complex. They then realized that they had both […]

Bride and groom under veil_Photos by Leigh Wolfe, Atlanta's top wedding photographer

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Kaleb & Maddie’s Family Farm Engagement Session

When I first met Maddie, I was mesmerized. She was so beautiful and graceful. I was drawn in by her quiet and sweet demeanor. She was shy and sweet and I loved her from the get-go. It wasn’t until she started talking about her fiancĂ©, Kaleb, that I saw her light up. The way she […]

Photos by Leigh Wolfe, Atlanta's top wedding photographer


Jordan & Anna’s First Presbyterian Church Wedding | Augusta, GA

Meeting Jordan and Anna felt like meeting old friends. They were kind and gracious, and very much in love. From the way the looked at each other, to the way they spoke about their future together, everything about this sweet couple made me swoon. Just getting to know them was a delight, but then getting […]

First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, GA by Leigh Wolfe Photography

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