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Here you will find some of the latest and greatest weddings I've shot with some seriously cool clients. I'll also be sharing useful tips & tricks I've figured out over the years in the wedding industry. Come join me! 

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Mike and Olivia’s Charming Backyard Wedding in Alpharetta, GA by Leigh Wolfe Photography

When Suzanne, of Suzanne White Weddings, said she had an interested bride who wanted to have her wedding in the backyard of her childhood home, I knew it would be something really special. Suzanne is really talented both logistically and in design, so I was sure she would take the bride’s ideas and really bring […]

Bride and Groom get married at her childhood home in Alpharetta. Images by Leigh Wolfe Photography.


Gray & Erika’s Formal Southern Affair | Macon, Georgia

The best memories come from small moments. Ones that may seem fleeting, but are all part of a larger, beautiful story. Gray and Erika’s first small moment took place at a cookout. Both college students just trying to hang out and take advantage of a free meal. Erika recalls their encounter with her asking lots […]

Photos by Leigh Wolfe, Atlanta's Top Wedding Photographer

Brian & Neftaly’s Fall Wedding | The Stables at Foxhall Resort

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One of the most magical and rewarding parts of being a photographer is the ability to witness and capture human emotion. I was blessed in abundance at the wedding of Brian and Neftaly, a couple full of love and excitement matched only in loveliness by their family and friends. The day of their wedding, the […]

Bride and groom in love_Photos by Leigh Wolfe, Atlanta's Top Wedding Photographer

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Mark & Anne’s Elegant Wedding | Indian Hills Country Club in Atlanta, Georgia

What everyone ought to know about women from the South- we know charm (and a good biscuit) when we see it. The only thing that can catch our attention faster than either of those things? A British accent. And it seemed that Mark’s British background caught Anne’s attention on New Years Eve, because they have […]

bride and groom under flower petals_Photos by Leigh Wolfe, Atlanta's Top Wedding Photographer


John & Rebecca’s Trolley Barn Wedding | Atlanta, Georgia

From the moment that I met John and Rebecca, I knew that being part of their wedding story would be a special experience. The day kicked off at the fabulous W Hotel in midtown Atlanta where Rebecca and her Maid of Honor started prepping for the big day with her soon to be sisters. The Trolley […]

Fun, Flirty Wedding in Atlanta Georgia by Leigh Wolfe Photography

Michael + Stephanie’s Black Tie Affair at East Lake Golf Club | Atlanta Wedding Photographer Leigh Wolfe Photography

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Take a good look at who you sit next to on your first day of orientation — you may just end up marrying them!  That’s exactly what happened to Michael + Stephanie. One thing led to another and an unbreakable friendship between two UGA law school students became a commitment for life when Michael dropped to one […]


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Roger & Kathy’s Contemporary Arts Museum Wedding Atlanta, GA

Roger and Kathy’s wedding day was a series of beautiful moments strung together by the sweetest family and friends. From Kathy’s mom helping her into her dress, to the newlyweds riding off at the end of the night on a tandem bicycle, the joyful moments just kept coming! You might remember Roger and Kathy from […]

Summer wedding at Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center Wedding by Leigh Wolfe Photography


5 Tips to Make Your Recessional Photos Fun!

Let’s be honest, it can be tough to stand out in the wedding world. With all the beautiful design and creative content that everyone has access to these days, it’s hard to plan a wedding that will wow your guests. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! We’ve curated a list of 5 of our […]

Luke + Kelsey’s Whitefield Square Wedding | Cotton Sail Hotel | Savannah, Georgia

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There are good friends, and then there are friends that find your soulmate for you. Luckily for Luke and Kelsey, their friends Zach Bolen and his wife Natalie are really good friends. And after a bit of encouragement, a lot of phone conversations and miles bridged, Luke and Kelsey said their I do’s in a […]

Whitefield Square Wedding in Savannah GA

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