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May 28, 2018

Why Custom Wedding Stationery is a DO | Guest Post by Erica Stewart Calligraphy

Hey girl hey!

One of the greatest parts about working in the wedding industry is being able to meet all the crazy talented folks who bring a wedding day together. Allow me to introduce you to one of the kindest #girlbosses I know.

Erica Stewart and I met at a Tuesday’s Together meeting and instantly connected. I was in awe of her stunning hand calligraphy, so much so that I asked her to create the logo for Leigh Wolfe Photography. She graciously offered to share her expertise on why couples should consider using a custom stationery designer for their wedding.

She is beyond talented and has a heart of gold. I am so grateful to have her in my corner and can’t wait to share her words with you!


3 Reasons Custom Wedding Stationery is a MUST HAVE

Erica with her precious pup, Millie. Follow Erica to get some amazing hand-lettering inspiration (and, of course, more photo’s of Millie!)

Today’s brides have overwhelming options when it comes to wedding stationery. Many opt for large online retailers or DIY options as opposed to hiring a custom stationery designer. This often results in a sacrifice on both quality and design. Now, I’m not knocking the big wedding paper websites, because I do think they are excellent options for some brides. My goal here is simply to educate on the benefits of choosing a custom stationery designer over large retailers or DIY.

1. Design

By choosing a custom stationer, the design options are endless. Whether it’s a family crest you want to incorporate or a custom monogram you’d like designed for use on your invitations, cocktail napkins and koozies. Your options are limited only by your imagination! Choosing to work with a custom stationery designer allows you to truly infuse your personality and unique love story into your stationery and allows for design cohesiveness, from the Save the Date through the after wedding Thank Yous.

2. Service

Custom stationery designers have the ability to provide clients with a hands off, turnkey experience that the big box retailers aren’t capable of, given the volume to customers they service. We have a vast knowledge of things like timing, etiquette, graphic design requirements, wording and so on. Brides have enough on their plate and shouldn’t have to think about things like CMYK, crop marks and turnaround time. From defining and managing a stationery production timeline to assembling, stuffing, sealing and stamping invitations, working one-on-one with a designer allows you to mark one more thing off your wedding checklist!

3. Custom Pricing

Wedding invitations are the very first experience your guests have with your wedding and have the opportunity to set the tone for the entire event. Much like photography, wedding stationery is also one of the few “tangible” items you’ll have to remember your wedding day by. It breaks my heart to see brides making sacrifices on their invitations because they are unaware of the options that exist. One major benefit to working with a custom designer is custom pricing. Stationery designers have the experience, knowledge and resources to tailor a quote to meet a brides’s design dreams AND stay within their budget. I can work with you to prioritize design elements and manipulate things like paper type and printing process to ensure you get the invitation suite of your dreams.

Thanks Erica for empowering brides to be in the know! XO


I firmly believe that  hiring experts to take things off your hands is the best way to have a relaxed, joyful day. (Thats why I created The Wedding Experience for all my brides!)

How awesome is it to know there are so many custom options available and on budget? That’s a win win in my book!

Happy planning,

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