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February 14, 2020

Engagement Photos Part 1: Why You Need Them

It’s Facebook official! You’ve gone from “in a relationship” to “engaged.” You’re thinking about dates and interviewing potential wedding planners, but have you thought about engagement photos yet?

Today kicks off a four-part series all about engagement photos. 

While these might seem like a small part of the wedding experience, they’re actually super important, and today I’m telling you why!

Engaged couple jumping off of boat into Lake Rabun, Georgia.

Engagement Photos Capture Your Love

Let me guess: the last time you were in front of a camera (that wasn’t on an iPhone) was for those dreaded senior photos in high school or a headshot for your first job. 

Both of these scenarios would give anyone hives, right?

Engagement sessions are different because I document the interaction between you and your fiancé. 

I’ll capture the way he holds you close when you walk, those butterfly kisses, and those belly laughs when he bear hugs you.

left: couple walking across a brick-paved street in Savannah, Georgia; right: couple embracing on a street

Engagement photos are a visual, tangible memory of how you feel about each other during this very special time in your lives, which is very different than any other headshot you’ve ever had taken.

Engagement photo of a couple embracing outdoors

Engagement Photo Sessions Build Trust

You want to trust your wedding photographer, and your engagement session will help build that trust. 

And here’s the deal: I’ll ask you to do some things that might seem a little … awkward.

Engagement photo of a couple embracing outside Creature Comforts in Atlanta, GA

You will definitely hear, “Put your belly buttons together!” at least once.

It sounds bizarre, but what you don’t know is that simple move closes the gap between your bodies and shrink your waistlines in half. 


left: woman kissing man's cheek outdoors; right: couple kissing outdoors

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My seemingly odd requests will help create gorgeous images and build the trust we need to capture great photos on your wedding day.

So trust me, and put those belly buttons together already. 😉

You’ll Be a Pro By Your Wedding Day

When your big day rolls around, you and your fiance will be masters at getting your photos taken. You’ll practically pose yourselves and not feel the least bit awkward giggling into your kisses, because you know you’ll look ah-mazing on film.

Engagement photo of couple kissing under Spanish moss in Savannah, Georgia

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BONUS: Since you’re a pro, we won’t spend precious wedding-day moments teaching you how to act naturally in front of the camera, which means we’ll knock out your portrait session with twice the amount of images in less time.

Engagement photo of couple embracing

Wrapping Up

Engagement sessions are a great way to feel comfortable in front of the camera and build trust. By the time your wedding day rolls around, you’ll be total pros!

Hiring a photographer should be one of the very first things you do after saying “YES!”, and we suggest booking your engagement session at least 6-12 months before your wedding day to avoid stress. Check out part two of this series, where we’ll answer more questions on “when” your engagement session should happen!

Engagement sessions are a vital part of the wedding experience, which is why we include them in our packages! If you’re recently engaged and ready to book, reach out today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Left: couple on a bridge walking toward camera: right: couple walking away from camera on a bridge
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