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Here you will find some of the latest and greatest weddings I've shot with some seriously cool clients. I'll also be sharing useful tips & tricks I've figured out over the years in the wedding industry. Come join me! 

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Joe & Erica’s Anniversary Session | Twin Oaks Farm

Joe and Erica’s story is a Georgian classic. This year they are celebrating a wedding anniversary, but their story begins at the University of Georgia. The two met during their junior year after being put together on a group project. But fate had bigger plans than a finance project for these two. They began to […]

Photos by Leigh Wolfe, Atlanta's top wedding photographer


Welcome | 3 Facts about Georgia based Wedding Photographer Leigh Wolfe Photography

Hey friend and WELCOME to Leigh Wolfe Photography, my little slice of the world wide web. I firmly believe that to tell your love story to it’s fullest potential I need to KNOW you. Not like your neighbor down the street whose name you can’t remember, I mean like your roommate from your freshmen year […]

Leigh Wolfe Photography and family in Savannah

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