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May 27, 2018

Welcome | 3 Facts about Georgia based Wedding Photographer Leigh Wolfe Photography

Hey friend and WELCOME to Leigh Wolfe Photography,

my little slice of the world wide web.

I firmly believe that to tell your love story to it’s fullest potential I need to KNOW you. Not like your neighbor down the street whose name you can’t remember, I mean like your roommate from your freshmen year of college. Although you haven’t known her as long as your childhood best friend, it’s pretty eery how quickly you connected over your love of cheese dip and Gilmore Girls reruns.

Now if I expect YOU to be open with ME, I should probably do the same with you right? So here’s 3 facts about me!

  1. I have been drawn to relationships and photographing people through a lens for as long as I can remember. Check out this lovely 80s photo I took of my momma at the ripe ol’ age of 5. Praise hands that I don’t cut off nearly as many fingers or shoot quite as crooked anymore. But for 5 I think it’s pretty awesome!
  2. In 2011 I married the one boy my momma ALWAYS wanted me to be with. We “went out” for exactly 2 weeks in middle school and of course broke up, because 2 weeks is the norm for a middle school relationship.  My sweet momma told me “Leigh, that boy is golden. You will regret letting him go.” She was right. It took us 10 years to meet back up, but that time I got a lot smarter, listened to mom’s words of wisdom, and didn’t let go. Both Chris’ mom and my mom walked down the aisle to “Momma’s Song” by Carrie Underwood. So forewarning, if you play that song at your wedding, I’m going to cry crocodile tears. And if you’ve never heard it, take a listen.
  3. At the time of this writing we have 2 quickly changing little girls. Chloe is 4, Lennon Kate is 2. Chloe is smart, strong willed, stubborn, and wants to take on the world. She’s a typical first born and exactly like me. It’s both rewarding and refining to watch her react exactly the same way I would in a situation. She will move mountains one day, I can feel it in my bones. We’ve just got to work on that whole “loving others as ourself” side in her. Lennon Kate is pure sugar. God knew what he was doing when he made her the caboose of our family. She is always smiling, cracking jokes at the age of 2, goes with the flow, and gives the best hugs in the world. She is her daddy’s clone and I am completely smitten by her. Not too long ago LK was just learning to talk and Chloe was learning to read. I take pictures of them all the time, but I wanted to have a video to cherish those little voices forever. My talented friend Justin Peay came to our house and hung out one morning to film our every day life. If you want a video clip of what my life is like at this stage you can check that out here.

Bonus: Just for fun, and because it’s the thing to do right now, I’m an ESTJ on the Myers Briggs Test. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Take this test and find out who freakishly accurate the results are.

Hope those small insights help you get to know me a little better!

If you wanna dig a little deeper and really get to know one another, let’s share some cheese dip and chat! Shoot me a message and we’ll make it happen.


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